Fiskars is a globally leading brand in garden hand tools and a proven category innovator for generating growth. We strive to reinvent the user experience through uniquely functional and user-friendly solutions.

Fiskars is the leading European brand for garden hand tools and number one in garden cutting tools in North America and in Australia. We continue to build on this global position and increase our share through innovation and strong marketing execution. When expanding into new categories, our strong position in core garden tools provides a solid foundation.

For Fiskars, it’s critical to be recognized as the industry leader in innovation by bringing game changing products to market. This is why we continue to invest in our product development capabilities, test facilities and an international network with gardening organizations and construction and occupational health related institutions.

Our continued growth will come from leveraging a harmonized portfolio across markets and seasons and from expansion into adjacent categories, such as stick tools and solutions for home improvement and professional craftsmen.

Fiskars product portfolio offers multiple opportunities for growth from a broader geographical distribution of existing products. In 2013, the first ever pan-European garden campaign gained traction for leaf rakes and other stick stools in the usually slower autumn season. Fiskars superior axes further extended their footprint in the United States, a relatively new market for this category.

In Europe, Fiskars entered the rapidly emerging indoor gardening category with the launch of Fiskars KitchenGarden and progressed in the penetration of the professional construction tools market with the relaunch of the Leborgne brand. Leborgne aims to become the dedicated occupational health and safety focused tool brand for professional craftsmen.

Leveraging the halo effect of our world class axe lineup, Fiskars increased its offering in wood preparation with the launch of the WoodXpert series which includes updates on existing wood preparation tools as well as some exciting novelties. To add to the innovation, Fiskars has developed the Xact range of digging tools which offer an innovative blend of lightweight materials and ergonomic design.

A shining light for fresh herbs

Enjoying fresh herbs all year round is as simple as can be thanks to the new Fiskars KitchenGarden which will ensure that herbs bought in store not only stay fresh but continue to flourish. KitchenGarden is a silent and beautifully designed tabletop garden solution with dish-washer safe parts. The core is built up of LED-lights and in the premium model the light frequency, intensity and timing can be altered for optimal growing conditions.


On a mission to protect and serve

The introduction of Nanovib products by Leborgne has set new standards in comfort and safety for professional hand tools – including the red dot award winning hammer which reduces repetitive strain injury through an ingenious three-in-one anti-shock mechanism and its Nanovib bolt cutter which reduces compression strain thanks to its patented system. The award winning bolt cutter is purposefully designed for the construction and industrial tool market.


Taking wood handling to the next level

Right up to the moment you put the logs on the fire, the Fiskars WoodXpert range lets you handle wood securely and efficiently. The XA2 and XA22 sappies feature short and long handles respectively for single or double handed use. One strike of their sculpted steel, tooth-edged beaks is usually enough to secure a solid grip on heavy logs, even in icy conditions. Ideal for stripping branches and light chopping, the redesigned Fiskars WoodXpert brush hooks feature a backwards curved steel blade for better cutting performance. The redesigned WoodXpert Log Hook’s ergonomically designed, lightweight, boron steel hook gets under logs easily, while the Log Tongs effortlessly lift and carry smaller logs.


Unstoppable axes

In the Americas, Fiskars has experienced strong sales in axes throughout 2013. In addition to in-line placement at national retailers, Fiskars was able to secure secondary promotional displays designed to merchandise the axes differently and provide more visibility. As a result of the strong increase in sales over previous years, the United States has become the country with the strongest axe-sales in the Group.


Perfecting the art of digging

The Fiskars Xact range is a masterful combination of light weight and balance – the same qualities that made Fiskars axes famous. Fiskars special composite Fiber-Comp in the angled shafts combines with hardened boron steel to ensure great handling qualities and reduced strain. The spades and digging fork come in both medium and large sizes to suit both shorter and taller users. To complete the range, there is a shovel and a compost fork.

“Consumers continue to choose Fiskars as their preferred garden tool brand and we’re pleased to see this reflected in our market share gains.”

– Paul Tonnesen, President, Garden & SOC, Americas


“We have made good steps to further improve our product development capabilities and I am excited about our ongoing projects. We are dedicated to continue as category innovators.”

– Thomas Enckell, President, Garden, Europe & Asia-Pacific



Net sales


First pan-European marketing campaign brought 7 000 Fiskars seasonal displays to stores around Europe.

Consumer activity Category Brands Distribution
Forestry and wood-splitting Axes, saws,
forestry tools
Fiskars, Leborgne

distribution with
a strong presence
in DIY stores and
       garden centers       

Digging and shoveling Spades,
shovels, drills,
Cultivating Rakes, hoes,
weeders, planters
Plant care Pruners, loppers,
hedge shears
Lawn care Weed pullers, reel mowers, grass shears, leaf rakes Fiskars
Yard and path cleaning Snow tools, brooms Fiskars
Growing, decorating, rainwater harvesting Pottery, water butts,
sprayers, cans
Fiskars, Ebertsankey
Fixing and building Construction
and striking tools
Fiskars, Leborgne