Fiskars is growing geographically and expanding into new product categories. When striving for growth, we benefit from our strong position in the Nordic countries and in North America.

Markets where we lead:
North America (School, Office
and Craft), Nordic countries
(Living and Kitchen)
Expansion markets:
Central and Eastern Europe
(Living and Kitchen),
Asia (Living)
Markets where we lead:
North America, Europe,
Markets where we lead:
North America (Gerber),
Nordic countries (Boats)
Expansion markets:
Europe (Gerber)
North America Our position: Our priorities: CASE: USA

  • No 1 garden cutting tool brand (Fiskars)
  • No 1 scissors brand (Fiskars)
  • No 1 teacher recommended scissors brand (Fiskars)
  • No 1 knife brand (Gerber)
  • No 1 survival gear brand (Gerber)
  • No 1 supplier of knives and multi-tools to the US military (Gerber)
  • Deepen assortment and increase share at key retailers
  • Develop profitability of product mix
  • Expand into adjacent categories and other departments among retailers

63% of American
households own a Fiskars product

Nordic countries Our position: Our priorities:  

  • No 1 garden hand tool brand (Fiskars)
  • No 1 scissors brand (Fiskars)
  • Leading dining and kitchen tool brands (Iittala, Fiskars, Arabia, Rörstrand, Hackman)
  • No 1 high-end porcelain brand in Denmark (Royal Copenhagen)
  • Maintain and strengthen leading position across categories
  • Focus on key international brand
  • Leverage additional categories in the Group portfolio

“I’m proud of the solid progress we achieved
in the region despite
the challenging market conditions and the execution of several structural changes during the year.”

– Jakob Hägerström, President, Sales Region North

Central Europe Our position: Our priorities:  

  • Leading garden hand tool brand in all main markets (Fiskars)
  • Entry stage in Living (Iittala)
  • Entry stage in kitchen products (Fiskars)
  • Entry stage in outdoor products (Gerber)
  • No 1 professional construction hand tool brand in France (Leborgne)
  • No 1 in plastic pottery in Germany (Ebertsankey)
  • Further strengthen the Fiskars brand in garden categories
  • Leverage the strength of the Fiskars brand in garden categories to develop a position in kitchen products
  • Gradually expand in dining and interior through own branded retail

“The first half of 2013 was marked by significant obstacles largely due to the sluggish economy and poor weather conditions. Our sales teams never gave up and delivered
a remarkable recovery
in the second
half of the year.”

– Axel Goss, President, Sales Region Central

Eastern Europe & Russia Our position: Our priorities: CASE: Russia

  • No 1 garden hand tool brand (Fiskars)
  • Entry stage in kitchen products (Fiskars)
  • First steps in outdoor category (Gerber)
  • Build Fiskars brand awareness
  • Expand the Garden business regionally in Russia
  • Penetrate the kitchen market

Fiskars Garden has established a strong presence in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and in 2013 launched an active campaign to expand into the main regional hubs in Russia.

Asia-Pacific Our position: Our priorities:  

  • No 1 garden cutting tool brand in Australia (Fiskars)
  • Well established branded retail network in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan (Royal Copenhagen, Iittala)
  • No 2 in Japan in high-end porcelain (Royal Copenhagen)
  • Branded retail introduced in China (Iittala)
  • Entry stage in China in outdoor products (Gerber)
  • Strengthen sales organization
  • Expand Living business through branded retail
  • Expand Outdoor business
  • Investigate opportunities for Kitchen and Garden

Two “BLUE by Royal Copenhagen” lifestyle shops opened in Japan
during 2013. Royal Copenhagen had a total of 85 stores, shop-in-shops and
outlets in Asia at the
end of the year.





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