Fiskars Outdoor offers a wide range of innovative, reliable and essential products for people on the move. The business area focuses on the Gerber brand globally and Buster boats in the Nordic region. Gerber is a leading provider of problem-solving, life-saving gear for recreational and professional users sold through commercial and institutional channels internationally.

Gerber’s growth ambition is built on three strategic pillars: engaging its employees, serving its customers, and connecting with users. Progress was made on several important long-term strategic initiatives during 2013 consistent with this ambition. The transition from product to activity-based assortment development has gained significant traction in the marketplace - strategic customers are beginning to embrace this concept with their in-store merchandising, consumers are enjoying a simplified shopping experience and competitors have attempted to duplicate this framework.

Gerber has continued to invest in its industry-leading marketing efforts, engaging nearly 300,000 followers and fans across social platforms, as well as providing unsurpassed digital content to enrich the on-line experience with brand and product content. In 2013, Gerber also started using the Group’s centralized distribution center in Germany to better serve its European customers.

The commercial segment growth is driven by increased account shares across the current customer base and through the development of new business in both the Americas and Europe & Asia-Pacific geographies. Through activity-based merchandising Gerber has secured incremental floor space in several sections at key retailers, which supports its ambition to expand into other departments at those retailers.

In the institutional segment, our goal is to maintain presence in the contracting ecosystem while also driving individual purchases and expanding into the tactical category. In this expansion the brand’s status as the top supplier to US military and US manufacturing capabilities provide unique leverage.

Buster boats are the most popular aluminum boats in Finland, Sweden and Norway. In 2013 Buster maintained its position as the market leader for versatile leisure boating.

Gerber Daily Carry Collection

This is an innovative selection of solutions targeting impulse purchasing and the growing Every Day Carry consumer segment. They are designed for modern, style conscious people that value being prepared for whatever jam, big or small, life throws at them every day. Like these consumers, the collection balances form and function, and blends style with utility. These small but powerful products are exposing the Gerber brand to new consumers outside of our traditional knife and tool audience, and are getting the attention of the wider outdoor community.


Propel Series

This premium collection of tactical clip folders was completely designed, engineered and manufactured in Portland, Oregon, which is a key selling point for the large and growing tactical consumer segment as well as the tactical retail channel. Designed to demonstrate Gerber’s leadership in commercial tactical products to both groups, this series has quickly become a best seller and has generated significant editorial coverage in influential publications.


Downrange Tomahawk

Designed for professional use by the authorities, the Downrange Tomahawk is a simple and effective tool for solving serious problems. The axe head’s beveled edge is capable of chopping through drywall and reducing walls and doors to splinters. The backside of the axe head functions as hammer for getting through hinges, locks, doorknobs and anything else that might slow professionals down. The third feature is a pry bar at the end of the handle, controlled by a cutaway grip in the axe head. This marvel of simplicity and durability was a clear star of the 2013 product line with strong sales and reviews from experts and professional users alike.


New Buster E-series range

Fiskars’ Buster aluminum boat range was strengthened in 2013 with the launch of the new E-series of boats. The first model in the E-series of boats was the Buster XLe, which is based on the praised Buster XL hull. The boat features a durable and carefree aluminum hull, as well as a fiberglass deck that allows for more freedom in terms of design.


Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro

This year Gerber released an exciting upgrade to the already iconic Ultimate Knife, which since its debut in 2010 has quickly become the world’s best selling knife. It is the new flagship of the Bear Grylls Survival Series which established an entirely new category of products and expanded the reach of the Gerber brand with scores of new consumers around the globe.


“Gerber’s activity based product and merchandising approach has allowed us to present products in a more relevant way, providing our customers with a better shopping experience, as well as showing a direct impact on retail sales.”

– Samantha Jacobs, Sr. Category Manager, Wholesales Sports


“Buster successfully launched the new Super Magnum flagship model and the new Buster Mini in 2013. The new intriguing boat models together with the new Buster Plus services for boaters further enhanced Buster’s leadership in the Nordics.”

– Juha Lehtola, President, Boats



Net sales


Activity-based merchandising further positions Gerber as the category leader in knives and tools, and creates room for increased depth of product in an often stagnant assortment among strategic customers.

Consumer activity Category Brands Distribution
Daily use Pocket knives, multi-tools, lights Gerber
Mass, sporting
goods retailers,
outdoor retailers, DIY/hardware,
industrial distribution, online stores
Hiking and camping Pocket knives, multi-tools,
gear and accessories
Gerber, Gerber/
Bear Grylls
Hunting Knives, multi-tools, gear and hunting accessories Gerber
Industrial/professional Knives, multi-tools, lights Gerber
Military Knives, multi-tools,
lights, spades, accessories
military exchanges, military distributors, mass, outdoor retailers, uniform stores, online stores
Emergency response, police, tactical Knives, multi-tools,
lights, spades, axes, accessories
Leisure boating Aluminum boats Buster, Drive Boats Boat dealerships