Fiskars core competence is developing strong specialist brands that are meaningful and desirable to passionate consumers. Our success depends on our ability to build and fuel these brands for growth so that they stay commercially relevant long into the future.

A skillful organization recognizes a brand’s strengths and understands where and how it can be commercialized. It all starts with understanding what the brand is in consumers’ minds: what it promises, is it meaningful and what it stands for.

Brand management involves carefully considering which aspects of the brand should be strengthened, which new attributes need to be added through communication and also how a brand needs to be reinforced by developing and extending the offering. All these aspects need to be considered in the brand journey from conceptualization to the hands of engaged consumers. Successful commercialization and expansion of a brand require deep understanding of the entire value chain from product idea to purchase, optimizing all aspects from product concept, launch and marketing communication to bring that added value to both trade and end-users.

Fiskars strategy aims at getting our iconic products into the hands of engaged consumers around the world. Our international expansion also means entering new markets where our brands may have little history and low consumer awareness. To help us on our quest to conquer new markets, local market intelligence is essential to help us direct marketing investments effectively while our extensive trade relationships and sales organization enable us to penetrate markets efficiently.

A strong brand delivers good margins both for the brand and trade. Each of the trusted brands in our unique portfolio has a clearly defined role in realizing our growth ambition. Our key brands Fiskars, Iittala and Gerber are internationally renowned and developed with global ambitions. We continue to invest in these brands as we believe that they have the potential to expand into new markets and conquer new product categories.

Fiskars strategy is to be active in categories where passionate consumers proactively search for information and are often well aware of trusted brands even before they are available in their market. An active digital media presence is a vital tool in Fiskars goal to capture their attention and drive high engagement.

A brand is a promise

A strong brand represents values and properties that are meaningful to a consumer. Our products should continuously fulfill the promise to consumers integrated into our brands. Fulfilling the brand promise creates emotional engagement and inspires long-term loyalty, which is the key to our continued success.

CASE: Fiskars journey to European garden market leader

Fiskars goal has been to develop the Fiskars brand into the leading garden hand tool brand in Europe and increase our market share. For the last four years we have successfully built international brand recognition through targeted marketing campaigns and consistently increased our market share, rising to the number one position, market by market. During this time we have also built a strong position with the main European DIY chains and garden centers, and it is our strategy to intensify our collaboration with our key customers. We have managed to strengthen our position and expand our product listings despite the fact that the overall trend among retailers is to cut down on the number of suppliers. The other dimension of our strategy has been the rationalization of our brand portfolio and offering. We have focused our brand development efforts on the Fiskars brand and successfully integrated products from several local brands into it. The amount of individual garden products in our portfolio is continuously being reduced, and we have put increased efforts into promoting a harmonized offering. At the same time we have been able to offer a more targeted and attractive range of products in each country.