Fiskars has a clear ambition to grow: we want to outperform market growth while maintaining solid long-term profitability. Fiskars strength lies in our ability to run businesses where we can create value through brand building, innovative smart products and unique design.

Fiskars strategy aims to get our iconic products into the hands of engaged consumers all over the world and we have created the business model and organization designed to ensure that we do this in the smartest way possible.

Desirable, smart products and strong brands are the foundation of our business. We develop our brands for growth and create the conditions for them to expand to new categories and markets while still staying true to their values. In expanding our business we consider several criteria based on consumer and trade insight, including fit with distribution, opportunities for innovation and brand-worthiness. Our growth strategy is threefold: to gain market share in current businesses and markets, invest in and enter new categories and to expand into new, potentially high growth markets. This we will do by continuously investing in our brands and sales organization and by excelling in execution – but also through selective acquisitions that fit our business model.

Mission Vision Ambition

Our mission is to enrich lives with lasting products that increase enjoyment and solve everyday tasks through their functionality, innovation and design.

Our vision is to be a
global company that delivers:

  • Brands that people desire
  • Lasting products that bring joy
  • Offerings that cater to category leadership
  • Excellence in sales and execution

Our ambition is to get our unique products into homes, gardens and backpacks everywhere by intelligent engagement with consumers.

Strategy for growth

Our strategic agenda

Since 2008 we have consistently evolved towards a focused and efficient branded consumer goods company. The overall goal is to become an integrated company with a portfolio of growing, profitable businesses.

Over the last years we have taken a number of measures to simplify our structure and increase our focus on selected businesses and brands. We are also making significant investments to create a competitive
business platform – structures, systems and processes – that are agile and can support our growth ambition. Now our emphasis has shifted to growth and executing our ambition to expand globally. Over the next years, we will be investing in our brands in Central and Eastern Europe, building a sales region for Asia-Pacific and new ventures for category expansion.

 Theme Achievements in 2013
  • Strong business area focus
  • Premium brand portfolio
  • Optimized product range for selected categories
  • Zinck-Lysbro consolidated into Fiskars brand
  • Leborgne brand repositioned for international growth
  • Divestment of local UK Sankey-business and manufacturing
  • Simplified structure
  • Integrated business processes
  • Demand-driven supply chain
  • Common business platform implemented for majority of European business
  • Re-organization of glass and ceramics manufacturing
  • Regional distribution center for Central Europe launched
  • Began delivering to Gerber’s international customers from Central-European distribution center



  • Gain market share in current businesses and markets
  • Continued increase in market share in garden hand tools in Europe
  • First pan-European marketing campaign boosted Garden fall season in Europe
  • Increased shelf space in the US through innovative product launches and merchandising
  • Distribution gain for axes in the US
  • Enter new categories
  • Entry into indoor gardening with Fiskars KitchenGarden
  • Launch of Leborgne’s new European construction tools offering
  • Launch of new interior collection for Iittala
  • Acquisition of Royal Copenhagen
  • Expand to new, potentially high growth markets
  • Regional expansion in Russia 
  • Introduction of kitchen tools in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Iittala store openings in Japan and China
  • Decision to establish a sales region for Asia-Pacific
  • Considerable increase in online sales