Success in a competitive and dynamic global marketplace requires a high level of collaboration and employees who are engaged, committed and passionate about making positive contributions to the business. All 4100 of us have an important role to play in caring for our customers and connecting our brands and products with users.

At Fiskars, we want to excel in execution and be a high performing company. We believe that inspiration needs to be nurtured, and therefore we have chosen to focus on leadership, wellbeing and engagement.

It takes exceptional leadership to build the kind of world-class team of high performance, innovation and ongoing learning that can execute our commercial ambition. Fiskars managers have an active role in inspiring their employees to aim high and contribute to our common goals.

In 2013 we continued to invest in building leadership practices and offering our employees and leaders a wide range of opportunities to learn and develop themselves professionally. Our people’s ability to work as a cross functional team has already provided us wth a huge competitive advantage and has resulted in several wins for our business.

Fiskars vision is to have empowered, effective and inspired employees who live our core belief that all things, even the simplest, can be made better and smarter. Engagement as a word describes the emotional and intellectual involvement that enables us all to be exited and to do our best.

While going through a major transformation it is important for us to know how we are performing as a team to make the journey interesting for all of us. Based on feedback from employees we have put a lot of effort on enhancing two-way dialogue throughout the organization. A clear improvement in this area could be seen in the results of our employee survey in 2013, which showed that our team has a clear understanding of our strategy and vision.

As Fiskars works together with retailers to provide innovative and effective merchandising, inspiring and educating consumers remains a top priority. We have placed added emphasis on our sales and marketing competencies and resources to maximize in store and digital marketing opportunities and to guide consumers throughout the shopping experience to help them make purchasing decisions. This focus has been top of mind when reshaping our sales units in Europe and strengthening the marketing teams within our business areas.

Employee facts 2013* 2012
Average number of employees (FTE) 4 087 3 364
Employees in production, % 40 42
Employee turnover rate, % 3 3
Part time employees, % 13 14
Gender balance, men/women, % 46/54 52/48
Women in the Executive Board, % 29 20
Women in the Board of Directors, % 22 22
Managers in License to lead training, % 90 69
Employees responding to engagement survey, % 69 74
Professional employees included in performance
management and target setting process, %
92 94
* Including Royal Copenhagen except for
Employee turnover rate, Part time employees
and Managers participating in License to lead training.